You do not maybe know it but Zadig and I (especially I), we are addicted to Instagram. On instagram we are Zadigsab.

 Instagram photo by zadigsab - Joyeux 14 juillet / Happy Bastille Day. #proudtobefrench #fierdetrefrancais 🎉🇫🇷❤️

photo : Zadigsab

Here is a small list of the Instagram accounts that I like following.


1/ philo_pompon

I ADORE this account. Philo is the girl of the artists behind the brand Le Petit Atelier de Paris. It's an adorable Parisian girl who wander in Paris with her shiba dog Pompon. On their Instagram account, the author (the mom or the dad of Philo) imagines some dialogues between both heroes. It's impossible not to adore these photos.

 Instagram media by philo_pompon - . Pompon: Où m'emmènes-tu Philo ? Philo: je ne sais pas... mais c'est tout droit!

 Photo : Philo_pompon 


2/ Jaeun2

Here is an account which I discovered only few weeks ago. Usually, I remain a little a monomaniac of westies but there I had a crush for Piri (16 years) and his family. An HUGE crush. Not only pictures are beautiful but I have so much respect and love for this couple which takes care so well of its old dog. I think that Piri reminds me of my grandparents's dog with whom I spent so many beautiful years. It's maybe for that that I always want to cuddle him.

Piri's parents are the owners of Piri's Place, a pension for dog.

Photo : Jaeun2


3/ amberfillerup

I like EVERYTHING in this account: the baby, the dog, the braids addiction, photos of travels, New York. All of this is happiness. I also love that even after the birth of their baby Atticus, their dog Chauncey is still a big part of the family.

 Photo : amberfillerup


4/ poppysausage

Do I have the right to say that it's another instagram account that I adore? Sam is a little boy who shares his life with Poppy, a dog westie. I dream that, if one day we have a baby, he has this relation with Zadig.



Photo : poppysausage


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